The Police Officer Jailed Over Theft Of Gold Coins Faces An Even Longer Sentence

If you’ve kept up to date with detecting news you will have heard about the police officer detectorist, David Cockle who has been jailed for the theft of high value 7th century gold coins.

Mr Cockle, 50 was jailed for 16 months in march and ordered to repay the ?15,000.

He had previously entered into a contract with the landowner and agreed to split finds 50/50. He however failed to declare his substantial find of gold coins and sold them direct to a dealer for ?15,000. He also never declared the find to the coroner or FLO.

Cockle from Leigh, Greater Manchester was also dismissed from the police force for gross misconduct.

Another detectorist had found a hoard of 35 Merovingian coins at the same site previously and had Cockle declared his hoard it would have been the largest find of?Merovingian coins in history.

Judge Rupert Overbury sentencing proclaimed his act had been in “pure greed”

If David Cockle does not pay back the ?15,000 stolen he will now face a further 9 months in prison.

Written by Danny Nash

I love metal detecting, history and sharing that with you. Read more of Danny's articles.


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