Pensioner collects over ?1700 in loose change at school with a metal detector and gives it to pupils!

Pensioner Detectorist Eric Soane has managed to collect over £1,700 in loose change which has been lost and dropped by former pupils. He then proceeded to hand the money back to the school!

This hero hobbyist searches playgrounds, fields, and school grounds armed with his metal detector searching for cash. He then gives it all back to the school to help with funding.

On his mission he has picked up over 22000 coins totalling ?1710 from 17 schools in the region of Inverness.

On one day alone Eric managed to unearth over 3500 coins worth a sum of ?185.

You may well have heard of Mr Soane before in the detecting world, he was famed for finding the hoard of Roman coins at the Belladrum festival site.

Not only does Eric go out and find the coins, he also takes all of the loose change to his local bank and exchanges them for notes before he hands it back.

Mr Soane said that the reaction from the children when he hands over the cash is priceless.

“The head-teacher was over the moon, and one of the pupils took the money from me, made a fan out of all the notes and held it out in front of her classmates.”

The acting head teacher at Raigmore Primary school, Carla Tunnicliffe said “The school is very grateful and appreciative of receiving the money Mr Soane finds in the school grounds”

Eric took up metal detecting over 15 years ago. He works closely with the National Museums of Scotland and the Highlanders Museum and helps piece together the history in the local area.

Back to the hoard Mr Soane found, and his biggest yield in his detecting life, 36 silver denarii were found while he was taking part in a clean up of a festival ground. They were removing discarded tent pegs.

Well done Mr Eric Soane! We salute you sir.


Written by Danny Nash

I love metal detecting, history and sharing that with you. Read more of Danny's articles.


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