Overweight Gaming Addict Loses 187lbs Metal Detecting

Overweight gaming addict Jeff Nemeth from Avon Lake, Ohio sat at home and played games on his computer for 50 hours a week.

Before Metal Detecting Weight loss
Jeff before Metal Detecting

Subsequently he gained weight up to 384lbs (27 stone)

Jeff managed to lose half of his body weight after he decided to take up metal detecting as a hobby. Walking over 10 miles a day in search of treasure and relics metal detecting has helped him quit his gaming habit and drop 4 sizes and in the process he’s acquired a rather large collection of coins and artefacts.

While playing games every night at home, the security guard would eat pizza and burgers for 8 hour sessions.

After a visit to the doctors for health concerns, breathing difficulties and pains in his knees Jeff realised he needed to make some drastic changes to his lifestyle.

He had seen a video about metal detecting on Youtube and decided to give the hobby a try.

One of Jeffs first discoveries was an 1844 dime worth over $300.00 since this he got the detecting bug and has spent as long as 12 hours a day at weekends walking to remote locations in the search of treasure.

“‘Metal detecting has drastically changed my life.?I thought it was something that only old guys did but it turned out to be the first thing I enjoy doing more than lying in bed. It got me outside and distracted me from the fact that I was doing exercise. Plus, there is cool history involved so it is a win-win situation.”

Not only has Jeff managed to drop a very impressive amount of weight but he has also made lots of fantastic discoveries with his metal detector including gold rings, religious pendants, old coins and other historical relics.

Jeff After Metal Detecting Weight Loss
Jeff After Metal Detecting

Although Jeff still plays video games at home he is no longer addicted and spends much less time playing all thanks to the metal detecting hobby.

“If I hadn’t of started the hobby, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It’s helped me lose so much weight, I feel healthier and look so much better.”

Metal detecting can be highly effective for weight loss and fitness. With the mass amounts of walking and digging you’re getting a great cardiovascular work out, working muscles and stretching. All for free. No gym membership required.

This is just one benefit of the popular hobby. Others include education and learning about our ancestors, socialising and meeting new friends.

Who knows you may strike gold and add riches to that list!

If you have a great story about how metal detecting changed your life please get in touch we would love to share it.




Written by Danny Nash

I love metal detecting, history and sharing that with you. Read more of Danny's articles.


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