Detectorist Finds Rare 6th Century Anglo Saxon Pendant

1500 years after it was made a metal detectorist has unearthed the rare 6th century Gold Anglo Saxon pendant featuring images from a Byzantine coin.

Experts believe the pendant to have been made in France and has an image of?Emperor Justinian depicted on it.

Godfrey Pratt found the pendant in a field near Attleborough in Norfolk.

Mr Pratt said that he has made many finds of historical interest but this however he described as “bling”

Rare Gold Pendant Metal Detector
Godfrey Pratt’s Rare Gold Anglo Saxon Pendant in the soil.

When Pratt first saw the gold pendant in the hole he thought it was a bottle top, but after closer inspection he realised this was something far more important.

Godfrey has been metal detecting for around 6 years now and is said to be known at his club as the “King of Bling” due to the many trinkets he has found. This however was his first gold find.

The Norfolk Historic Environment record has been notified of the discovery along with the counties museum.

FLO officer Adrian Marsden has confirmed the find to be very rare and made from a high purity of gold.

The belief is that where the pendant was found could indicate the existence if an old burial site and Dr Marsden has said that “time will tell”

The rare pendant found in Attleborough, Norfolk has been handed over to the coroner and will then go along to the British museum for a valuation.


Written by Danny Nash

I love metal detecting, history and sharing that with you. Read more of Danny's articles.


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