Hyndburn & Ribble Metal Detecting Club discover 29 coins from the 13th century in Sawley

The Hyndburn & Ribble Valley Detecting Club which was established only 18 months ago have discovered a hoard of 29 coins dating back to the 13th century on a farm in Sawley.

John Ward was the first to find a coin and was then joined by the rest of the club who have unearthed the treasure.

Most of the coins are from the Medieval period and include Edward the 1st pennies from between 1272 and 1307.

Medieval Hoard of coins LancashireAndrew Smith, 46, another member of the club said “It’s so unusual and unique to find 29 coins in the same field” ” We just kept finding them”

“This kept going throughout the day” ” It was so surreal”

The Hyndburn & Ribble Metal detecting Club declared their hoard with the local FLO and the museum of Lancashire. Who then notified the coroner.

An inquest will now be held to determine if the hoard of coins are of historical importance. If the inquest decides that they are classed as treasure, then the British Museum will then make an offer if they are interested in purchasing.

Jon Ferguson, Chariman of the metal detecting club had this to say.

“It was a team effort, finding 29 coins is practically unheard of in Lancashire” “If we find something everyone comes together, it’s very much like a team sport”

Written by Danny Nash

I love metal detecting, history and sharing that with you. Read more of Danny's articles.


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