Earliest Ever Iron Age Gold Found By Detectorists

In December last year?Mark Hambleton and Joe Kania made a discovery of the earliest ever example of Iron Age Gold in the UK.

The amazing discovery was made in Staffordshire, while scanning a farm with their metal detectors. The gold consisted of four gold torcs and large neck rings.

Gold Iron Age Torcs and Necklaces
The earliest example of Iron age gold ever found in Britain.

The high purity gold, estimated at 18 carat were buried individually just beneath the surface at around a meter apart.

In Scrap prices alone the gold is estimated to be worth approximately ?12,000 but will fetch far more because of it’s important historical interest.

They are around 2500 years old experts said and would have probably been made in Germany or France.

Mark Hambleton said he kept the treasure haul beside his bed while they were waiting to report to the FLO.

He commented “I was just about to give up detecting for the day when my pal Joe said he had found something”

“We both looked at it and were left speechless”

“Until we could hand it into the coroner, for safe keeping, I kept it next to my bed”

Experts are in belief that the Gold items would have been buried as an offering to God or as an act of remembrance for someone who had passed away.

An inquest has declared the items as treasure so the landowner and detectorists will both share the final sale value. They will be sent to the treasure valuation committee to estimate how much they are worth.

An expert from the British Museum, Julia Farley said “The Gold Iron Age torcs probably belonged to and were worn by powerful, wealthy women who had married into the local community”

Written by Danny Nash

I love metal detecting, history and sharing that with you. Read more of Danny's articles.


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