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Garrett Euroace Review Introduction

An honest and comprehensive Garrett EuroAce Review.

Firstly let’s clear this up…

What is the difference between the Garrett Euro Ace and the Garrett 350?

The Garrett Euro Ace or Garrett 350 is the same model of machine, one simply is designed for use in Europe and the other in the United States the only difference is the decal display and denominations.

Now we know the difference, let’s talk about the euroace metal detector.

It’s the 3rd in the series of the Ace metal detectors, you have the Ace 150, the Ace 250 then the Euroace.

This was my very first machine, and it served me very well! For someone starting out in metal detecting the Euroace is a fantastic, straightforward, no-frills metal detector that does the job, and does it well.

The Euroace has many positive reviews and has proven to be one of the most popular metal detectors in the UK.

You’re not going to spend an age having to learn about how to use it, you can pretty much switch it on and go.

So what about features and specifications, let’s take a look…

Garrett Euro Ace Appearance & Assembly

As per past models the machine can be assembled with ease in just a few minutes. Opening the box you will see the control panel, the stem and the coil and wire. These are all easily attached to each other.

The machine is comfortable in the hands, and lightweight. It features the forearm sponge padding which straps to your arm via the velcro straps and a comfortable padded grip.

Garrett Euro Ace Control Panel
Garrett Euro Ace Control Panel (European denominations displayed) The 350 will have cents and inches instead.


There are few buttons making this a very easy metal detector to navigate.

Mode – To toggle through the preset and custom search modes.

Sensitivity – To increase or decrease the sensitivity of the machine.

Discrimination – To amend the discrimination patterns.

Power – To turn on or off the metal detector.

Pinpoint – To enter the pinpoint mode.

Accept or Reject – To accept or reject certain target patterns.

The Euro Ace battery compartment can be found on the back of the control panel by sliding down the plastic cover. 4 x AA batteries are required.

Garrett Euro Ace Modes & Features

The modes act as follows :

Custom search mode can be used to save your own custom search patterns.

Zero mode is a new name for All metal mode.

Jewellery mode discriminating against most trash and small pieces of iron such as nails predominately designed for the location of rings and jewellery.

Relic mode keeps the lower end of the conductivity scale making sure you don’t miss out on bronze, brass copper etc but discriminates iron.

Coins mode discriminates iron, foil, ring pulls (be careful with this as hammered silvered coins can show as ring pulls) designed for coin shooting.

The simple LED screen is present and it’s easy to read, there is a depth indicator up to 20cm, ferrous to non-ferrous display, battery levels, it shows the mode selected display, the sensitivity settings bar and the discrimination notches selected.

Often said that the ACE 250 is the most popular Garrett metal detector I do believe now due to price decreases that the Euro Ace sells more frequently.

You can fine-tune the iron discrimination which also separates the Euroace metal detector from its predecessors.

The pinpoint mode is always a very welcome feature of any metal detector if you don’t know what the pinpoint mode does it allows you to accurately locate the target. It can take some time to get used to and you will need to find the “sweet spot” of the coil. You can also purchase the renowned Garrett Pro Pointer, or the Makro Waterproof pointer whichever you buy you will find them such a godsend, Majorly decreasing the time you spend locating the target.

Garrett Euro Ace Frequency

The Garrett Euro Ace frequency runs at 8.25khz increasing its power and accuracy in comparison to the Garrett ACE 250. It helps the machine to be more effective when picking up smaller targets and gold.

Is the Garrett Euro Ace Waterproof?

The Garrett Euro Ace has a waterproof coil but it is unsure just how waterproof the control panel is. However there are many covers available for a small cost, you could even wrap in clingfilm if you were desperate.

Garrett Euro Ace Coil upgrades

A range of other coils are available to purchase for the Euro ACE allowing you to achieve different things with each. For example to gain extra depth and to cover more ground the Nel Tornado coil comes highly recommended.

Buy Garrett Euro Ace For The Best Price

You can find the Euro Ace both on Amazon and eBay where all of your purchases are protected.

To Buy Garrett Euro Ace new in the UK you should expect to pay between £250 – £300

Check out today’s best price for the Garrett Euroace on Amazon  >>>

Garrett Euro Ace For Sale in the UK

If you’re looking to buy a secondhand Garrett Euroace then you’ll often find them on eBay. We’ve investigated the average sale price used, and we found to buy the Garrett euro ace used you can expect to pay between £150 – £230

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I personally owned and used the Garrett Euro Ace for a couple of years and I found it to be very productive with great depth capabilities. It’s one of my favourite backup detectors. Finding me hundreds of artefacts and coins.

It offers fantastic value for money if you are working with a budget.

It’s also worth noting that when they designed the Garrett Euro Ace they took into consideration the conditions of European terrain and soils so it works very well on highly mineralised grounds and performs fairly well on beaches. As per a lot of Garrett machines, it struggles a little bit in the wet sand with false signals.

So if you’re looking for an all-around metal detector then it’s more than sufficient in most conditions.

There is a lack of volume control on the internal speaker of the detector which is a little annoying and if you use without headphones I do find it to be slightly loud and obtrusive. You should, however, receive the Easy Stow headphones as standard with the purchase of a Garrett Euro Ace and these do have volume control.

Keeping the simplicity of the previous models in the ACE line of Garrett detectors the Euro Ace is a mid-range machine which can be used by both beginners and seasoned detectorists and has proven itself to be highly productive and a reliable machine.

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Garrett Euro Ace 350 Pro’s & Con’s

Value for moneyColour of the machine LOL
Simple to useNo volume control
Long battery lifeNo backlight on LCD Screen

Garrett Euro Ace 350 Technical Specifications

Target ID Segments12
Iron Discrim Segments6
Accept/Reject discrimYES
Available search modes5
Sensitivity adjustments8
Pinpointing modeYES
Frequency8.25 Khz
Audio Tone ID Levels3
Length42" to 51"
Weight1.27 kgs
Batteries4 x AA
Stock Coil28 x 22cm DD Proformance
Warranty2 years

Garrett Euro Ace 350 Video’s

Garrett Euro Ace vs Garrett 400i

In my opinion, there is not much difference between the two price wise with the 400i being a little bit more expensive.

They run on slightly different frequencies with the 400i running at a higher 1okhz opposed to the Euroace running at 8.25khz.

The only thing I think I preferred with the 400i over the Garrett Euro Ace was the numeric display and Iron Check feature.

If your budget stretches a little further then I would probably go for the 400i even if it was just for the numeric target ID. There’s also a pretty hand iron check feature on the 400i.

Owners Manual

You can download a copy of the Euro Ace owners manual in PDF format from here.

Useful resources & links for the Euro Ace

Garrett Euro Ace Forum – Discuss settings, showcase finds, chat with other Euro Ace users.

Best Settings for the Garrett Euro Ace

Please note these settings are of my own personal opinion and they highly depend on the conditions of the ground you are searching on. If you would like to submit your best settings for the Euroace then please leave a comment below.

General settings

I found the best settings for the Garrett Euro Ace on pasture or ploughed land as follows: 1 bar from the top on sensitivity and in zero mode. However, if the ground is highly mineralised or trashy then try the relic mode with the sensitivity set to the same.

Beach settings

If you are on dry sand crank the sensitivity all the way to the top and run the detector in zero mode. Wet sand can be a little more temperamental so if the machine becomes unstable decrease the sensitivity until the Euro Ace stabilises.

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I've had the garrett euro ace since I first started 8 years ago. It's a very simple to use yet very effective detector. I'd recommend to anyone starting out or wanting to upgrade from previous models.


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