A Metal Detectorist Proposes To His Fiance in the Most Creative & Original Way!

  • A man from West Virginia in the US proposes to his?girlfriend in the most original way.
  • Both shared a love for metal detecting and hiking, so he takes her metal detecting for the day into the woods!
  • Planning before their outing, the man had buried a metal box containing the big surprise.
Full video can be seen at the bottom of this article!

A born romantic from West Virginia in the United States of America has carefully planned and executed?a very original and thoughtful marriage proposal to surprise his girlfriend.

The man is very passionate about metal detecting and plans to take his girlfriend on a hike in some woods while he does some detecting, but he’s got another agenda which “Lisa” is not aware of.

Man Proposing Metal Detecting
The man can be seen on his knees digging the box up with a shovel.

According to the YouTube video, the gentleman from Kabletown had previously visited an antique store and purchased a box, he had then placed a bible inside along with the engagement ring then buried it in the woods.

He then takes Lisa his out for a hike and some metal detecting.

This all happened in April 2017 but has recently gone viral, the video begins by showing them hitting a signal with his metal detector and the man saying it’s a button from the 1800’s.

The next signal is found near a large rock, after getting it he explains to Lisa that he thinks it is a Civil war chest plate.

Proposal Revealing the Box
He can be seen unearthing the antique box.

So he starts to dig while intermittently checking the hole with his Garrett Pro-Pointer AT (a handheld metal-detecting probe)

After digging for a while he finds the “antique wooden box” that he’d previously buried.

“Someone has buried this underneath this rock” “This could be the find of a lifetime,” he says to his girlfriend in the video building up the anticipation and excitement.

Keeping up appearances, the man keeps pretending he doesn’t know what he has found and keeps guessing at what it could be, he does a fantastic job of pretending to be excited about what he has found and Lisa really is none the wiser!

Once the box is completely out of the hole you can hear Lisa concerned saying “be careful”

Still building up the suspense the gentlemen can be seen carefully brushing the dirt of the box as if he has made a wonderful discovery. “I don’t want to mess the box up” he can be heard saying while handling it with care. He continues to build suspense by making her believe that he is finding it hard to open it.

Unwrapping the engagement ring Metal Detecting Proposal
Revealing the engagement ring for the proposal.

Once he’s cleaned the box up it reveals that there are two verses from the Bible inscribed on the top. “I think I’m going to cry,” Lisa says.

He begins by reading the first verse from the Bible and then he continues to open up the box, and that’s when something appears covered in a white cloth.

He then confirms with his girlfriend who is recording the whole thing that she can see it and tells her to keep in focus and record. Still pretending that he’s about to reveal a spectacular?Civil War Box.

As the man proceeds to unwrap the white cloth he stops halfway through and reads a second bible verse “he who finds a wife finds a good thing”

Lisa who is still largely intrigued by the box and is in the belief it’s a historical find doesn’t even click on to what is going on.

He then reveals the engagement ring and asks her to be his wife!

Lisa drops the camera with excitement while the man can be seen quickly picking it up to capture the rest of her reaction and her answer.

Lisa In Shock Metal Detecting Proposal
Lisa can be seen covering her face from the shock!

What did Lisa say to the proposal? Be sure to check out the video below for the answer 🙂

Images and Story Sourced from: Dailymail.co.uk & YouTube.com

Written by Danny Nash

I love metal detecting, history and sharing that with you. Read more of Danny's articles.


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