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Metal Detecting Coils

Sometimes an upgraded coil can make the world of difference to the performance of your metal detector.

There are many metal detecting coils available and each has a different purpose, some will increase the depth capabilities of your metal detector, some are for smaller items, and some are intended to increase your chances of finding real gold.

Most metal detectors can be upgraded by purchasing a metal detecting coil and they come in all shapes and sizes with many different purposes. Some can even change the frequency of your machine.

Most Coils are created by the big names in the metal detecting world like Garrett and Minelab but some are manufactured by companies that solely focus on coils like Nel for instance and their famous Nel Tornado!

Coils are very simple to change on your metal detector, often by simply plugging them in.

Here we plan to review all of the latest metal detecting coils available.

Metal Detector Coil Reviews

Garrett Nel Tornado Coil Review For Garrett ACE Line


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