£200,000 worth of Ancient Roman Coins Found in The UK!

The Bridport Hoard.

Mike Smale, amateur historian found over 600 rare Roman Denarii coins while out metal detecting with friends in a farmers field in Bridport.


The coins were silver and approximately 2000 years old and are said to be extremely rare.

Roman General Mark Antony Portrait
Roman General Mark Antony

In total the hoard is estimated to be worth around ?200,000 with some of the coins fetching up to ?900 each.

Some of the coins were minted in the Roman General Mark Antony’s short lived reign at the time he allied with Egyptian ruler Cleopatra.

Mike Smale when asked about the important historic hoard said ” I was elated and shaking because of the importance of this once in a lifetime find”

The archaeologists who continued the excavation of the ?200,000 Roman Coin hoard were in disbelief due to the rarity of the coins.

Coin Experts A H Baldwin & Son said?”Coin finds such as this are fascinating, and are incredibly important in shedding light on the history of Roman Britain”

Republican Coins and those of Mark Antony were first issued before the invasion of Britain in AD 43.

Mark Antony Denarius Roman Treasure Coin Hoard

Written by Danny Nash

I love metal detecting, history and sharing that with you. Read more of Danny's articles.


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