Hi, I’m Danny, a metal detecting enthusiast (a.k.a. detectorist) based in the UK.

I’ve been involved with metal detecting for many years. A combination of my love for the outdoors and history led me to the activity.

I started my detectorist journey back in the 70s as a kid with a C-Scope and rekindled it in 1995.

I loved this machine, it was simple to use and helped me find a bunch of ‘treasures’. Well they were to me.

The thrill of the hunt got me hooked and I wanted to find bigger and better things. This is where it all started.

Fast forward 26 years and I have had multiple different machines, learned where I can and can’t detect, what I should wear, the best techniques and so many other things.

Over the years, I had been asked so many questions about metal detecting and detectors that I decided to start this site.

Topics We Cover

We have in-depth reviews and starter guides on the following topics:

Metal Detectors

Magnet Fishing

Diamond Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Our Goal

Our main goal is to open up the world of detecting to a larger group of people. Our aspirations are:

To educate our audience about metal detecting

To help people get into the hobby

To provide unbiased information


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