13 Year old girl finds Bronze Age axe hoard with her metal detector

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Amelia (Milly) Hardwick, from Mildenhall, Suffolk, could hardly have been prepared for the day she was going to have when she left in the morning with her Dad Colin, 51, for a day’s metal detecting near Royston, Herts.

Milly, 13, had a once in a lifetime find on an organised dig that many of us have wished for all of our detecting lives. On only her third trip detecting, she came across a Bronze Age axe hoard totalling 65 pieces dating back to 1300BC.

Milly says she “never comes back home empty handed” and her Mum Claire, 48, says that other detectorists joke that they may as well go home when Milly arrives at the digs.


Girl digging a Bronze Age axe hoard found with her metal detector


Joining in with her Dad for days out, Milly is now firmly in the fold as a detectorist and she says that on every single dig she finds something good and detects the local areas every Sunday. She now wants to become an Archaeologist.

When she recovered the first axe head, they thought that was it and refilled the hole. It was when Colin went back over the plug just to check that they realised there were more finds.

Archaeologists recovered the hoard, which included sword tips and as Milly says, some bits and bobs.

Bronze age axe heads found by a 13 year old girl.
Items from one of two Bronze Age hoards, totalling around 200 artifacts, that were found near Royston, England. (Oxford Archaeology East via The New York Times)




Written by Danny Nash

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